Return Policy

The Company will return the goods as follows:

1. Damaged Products

  • Damaged product when delivered to customer and / or in damaged packaging.
  • Plastic packaging or sealing of product packaging is complete.
  • The product must not be used.
  • The product must come with packaging and accessories.
2. wrong products
  • The product received is different from or does not match the product description on the website.
  • The product must not be used. (Please see the product description of the packaging instead of
  • sheep, see the product)
  • Products must be in original condition. With sealed packaging and accessories
3. The product / equipment or parts of the goods are missing or not received.
  • The product is not as described in the manual.
  • The product can not work as described in the product description.
  • Products can be tried, but must be in "new" condition.

*Remark: In case of any of the above, please contact the company directly. tel: 02-347-7780

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