Height adjustable desks are an excellent way to help promote spinal health, increase your mental health and your overall well-being. They provide a much needed break for our bodies from all those hours of sitting throughout the day. It gives us a chance to relieve the extreme pressure we put our backs under and provides the spine and mind valuable recovery time, allowing it to properly begin healing and regain its strength back.

Key features:
1. Genuine Solid Aluminum Free from cleaning detergent and lubrications. Worm gears in each leg do not require actuators to be in sync.
2. No harmful solvent based paints are used on any TCT products.
3. Single TUV, CE certified motor. Low noise (lower than 50db) Taiwan Made 18V 120VAC,60Hz
4. All electrical appliances are BIFMA / ANSI standards, SGS approved.
5. Gear driven legs with single driveshaft & motor
6. Wire and cable slot keeps operational wires out of sight.
7. Alloy invisible transmission shaft
8. Hollow wire-go-through design Steel Cross Bar
9. Screws slide-in creating best stability.
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